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Week of June 29 - July 5, 2008

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Dear Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde:
Three men went to a hotel for the night and the manager said the room would cost 30 dollars. So they then split the cost and paid 10 dollars each. Then the manager realized he had overcharged them 5 dollars so when he was on his way taking it to them he also realized 3 men cannot split 5 dollars fairly so he took 2 dollars for himself and gave each man 1 dollar a piece - back. So the 3 men only ended up paying 9 dollars each so now 9*3 men = 27 + the 2 dollars the manager kept = 29 dollars and they started out with 30 dollars so what happened to the other dollar?

TALBERRA - @Cyberspace, USA

Dear TALBERRA   ~   TAXES!!!!   LOL! The answer - barring a funny and/or 'trick' riddle oriented outcome, in which case pardon me/us for being so 'scientific' - lies in WHERE one decides to start and continue dividing/subtracting the equation. According to your question the manager asked for and received $30 ($10 from each of THREE men, i.e., 10*3 = 30) BEFORE he recalculated the room fee of only $25. Which creates as much of a conundrum when deciding how to split $5 dollars 'change' between THREE as it is to have asked for $25 evenly between the same 3 men, right? So, after the fact - or tendering of $30 he decides to keep $2 for himself and THEN give 3 divided by 3 = $1 dollar back to each man - at which time if I/we were any one of those 3 men would have thought the hotel manager to be BOTH a nice guy AND a crook! (Had he told 'us' of his mistake in the first place!) Regardless, this equation balances: $10*3 = $30 minus $5 dollars BEFORE the tender so, 30 - 5 = $25. It is only HERE, at or AFTER the original tender that the manager swipes $2 for himself and gives each back 1 of the $3 dollars remaining, so in mathematical reality its: 30 - 3 = 27 which when subtracted from the ACTUAL amount tendered $25 gives us 27 - 25 = 2. Hence, $2 left for the manager to keep, let's say as a tip for his generosity! LOL!


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