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Advertising Options

Looksmart is committed to helping you get the most out of your advertising spending and guarantees that ads will run until impressions are delivered. We provide powerful advertising packages on both Looksmart and Beseen to help you find the audience you desire. Packages include targeting through keywords and categories or utilizing run-of-site inventory.

Advertising run-of-site on Looksmart places your advertising units within the rotation of advertising throughout the entire site. This means your ad will run through categories, keywords, and user-personalized areas of the site. ROS offers maximum reach on the Looksmart site.

Looksmart offers targeting options that allow you to reach your customers more effectively. There are more than 13,000 categories in the Looksmart directory for advertisers to select from. Much like targeting your audience by advertising in a particular magazine, categories help you reach a particular type of person based on their interests, and people that are looking for your particular products or service.

Our categories include:

  • Automotive
  • Computers & Internet
  • Business & Finance
  • Reference & Education
  • Society & Politics
  • Entertainment & Media
  • People & Chat
  • Shopping & Services
  • Travel & Vacations
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home, Family & Auto
Advertisers can select the categories that best target the audience they are trying to reach.

Using the search tools on the Looksmart site, users can type in keywords that describe the product or service they are searching for. Purchasing the keywords that relate to your product or service ensures that the audience you desire to reach will see your ad.
Advertising run-of-site on Beseen places your advertising units within the rotation of advertising throughout the entire Beseen site. This means your ad will run through topics and product areas of the site. Advertisers buy Beseen ROS for message reach. Beseen offers advertisers large volume impression campaigns at extremely competitive rates. Reach a very active, committed Internet audience who frequent the Beseen network of Web sites to chat and to interact through message boards and other exciting Beseen products!

Web Developers
The Beseen website and Product Homepages generate 3 million impressions monthly from Web developers accessing the suite of Beseen communication tools. This is an excellent placement for advertisers interested in reaching Web developers.

By topic
Beseen chat rooms, message boards and quizlets are categorized into one of six topic areas including Entertainment, Personal, Sports & Leisure, Technology, Business, and Religion/Education. By pinpointing the area most closely related to your product or service, our topic targeting will increase both the response and the quality of the visits to your creative.

By product or site area
An even more specific targeting option is to target just those Beseen products or areas that more closely fit the needs of the campaign. Pick our Chat Rooms, BoardRooms, Quizlets, web site pages or particular pages within the web site, email to our customers, or special combinations of any of the above areas. Tracking Tools   

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