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Meet Our Staff

All parents want to make sure their children are being taught and looked after by responsible adults. On this page we have the opportunity to introduce our staff.

Our Teachers

We will put pictures of all the teachers in this column.

A woman playing with children; Actual Size=130 pixels wide

Joan, the toddler teacher

Staff Credentials

In this section we will describe the credentials of the staff members and their training.

For example:

Four of our teachers have their Bachelor's degrees, and one has a Child Development Associates degree.

The owner, Rachel White, has her Bachelor's degree, and has done post-graduate work in early childhood education

Staff Training

Once hired, each care giver must complete twenty-two hours of training in child development each year. In addition, all staff are CPR and First-Aid trained.

Basic Information

This section will have basic information about the teachers at the center.

For example:

There are five teachers on staff. Two of them have been with us for ten years, two for seven years and one joined us three years ago.

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