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lightbulb Here we GROW again!......   Welcome to the NEW "Ask Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde" IQuestion Zone......   Thanx for being PATIENT while the alter-ED, alter egos were on an EXTENDED hiatus.......But not to worry, as WE are back and better than ever!    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde!   Our website has just marked it's SECOND anniversary! ....And, owing to marked popularity ADJ&MH has expanded greatly - and is so EVEN more as you read right now......    ...Check out NEW our added feature sections and browse through this newest multipage format allowing for increased detail and indepth content......    This is the place to get 'IQ-ed' in......Read on, email your questions, answer polls, post messages, join our NEW mailing list, check back often, AND don't forget to bookmark "Ask Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde's - IQuestion Zone......Answers to the questions you NEVER thought to question!"
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