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Week of June 29 - July 5, 2008

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Answers to the Questions You NEVER Thought to Question!

Dear Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde:
Three men went to a hotel for the night and the manager said the room would cost 30 dollars. So they then split the cost and paid 10 dollars each. Then the manager realized he had overcharged them 5 dollars so when he was on his way taking it to them he also realized 3 men cannot split 5 dollars fairly so he took 2 dollars for himself and gave each man 1 dollar a piece - back. So the 3 men only ended up paying 9 dollars each so now 9*3 men = 27 + the 2 dollars the manager kept = 29 dollars and they started out with 30 dollars so what happened to the other dollar?

TALBERRA - @Cyberspace, USA

Dear TALBERRA   ~   TAXES!!!!   LOL! The answer - barring a funny and/or 'trick' riddle oriented outcome, in which case pardon me/us for being so 'scientific' - lies in WHERE one decides to start and continue dividing/subtracting the equation. According to your question the manager asked for and received $30 ($10 from each of THREE men, i.e., 10*3 = 30) BEFORE he recalculated the room fee of only $25. Which creates as much of a conundrum when deciding how to split $5 dollars 'change' between THREE as it is to have asked for $25 evenly between the same 3 men, right? So, after the fact - or tendering of $30 he decides to keep $2 for himself and THEN give 3 divided by 3 = $1 dollar back to each man - at which time if I/we were any one of those 3 men would have thought the hotel manager to be BOTH a nice guy AND a crook! (Had he told 'us' of his mistake in the first place!) Regardless, this equation balances: $10*3 = $30 minus $5 dollars BEFORE the tender so, 30 - 5 = $25. It is only HERE, at or AFTER the original tender that the manager swipes $2 for himself and gives each back 1 of the $3 dollars remaining, so in mathematical reality its: 30 - 3 = 27 which when subtracted from the ACTUAL amount tendered $25 gives us 27 - 25 = 2. Hence, $2 left for the manager to keep, let's say as a tip for his generosity! LOL!

Dear Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde:
Does baking soda added to water change the temperature of water? How and why?

Jmpooh2 - @Cyberspace, USA

Dear Jmpooh2   ~   YES, and in the case of baking soda it does in TWO ways! Both by a process called ENTROPY and by ENTHALPY. Enthalpy is the chemical conversion (generation of, or releasing of) heat energy. Like in a chemical heating/ice-pack. The mixing of chemicals releases heat energy (heat-pack) or draws inward (sucks in) heat w/ the result being a cold-pack. The chemical conversion of H2O w/ sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) generates some - albeit, not too much - heat energy. Also, in addition the process known as ENTROPY (literally defined as 'chaos') where everything in the universe strives to be in chaos and NOT order is in play here. Where the kinetic movement or friction of the newly formed bubbles generates heat, in the same way as rubbing your hands together briskly causes them to get hot! Hope this helps.

Split-Brained Advice for Life!

Dear Cybil:
I am in a bind and could use some advice, my parents divorced when I was 9 after 11 years together but they remain good friends even to this day. My dad and my stepmom now are about to have their 25th anniversary and my sister and stepsister are planning a surprise party for them. Now the problem, should we invite my mother and her new husband? Because like I said they remain very close but my stepmom and my mom's new husband don't really know anyone in each others' family and the like. I don't want my mom to feel left out of this party/event, but I also wouldn't want my mom and my stepfather to feel uncomfortable or out of place? †What a mess! †What should we do? HELP!!

JN -

Dear JN   ~   As many are faced with the fact that there are quite a number of divorced families with children this question comes up in many situations. The ideal thing to do would be to ask your Dad and stepmom but, since it is a surprise you can't do that. †So, I would suggest that after careful consideration between you and your sisters that YES, I would invite your mom and stepfather. †You mentioned that your parents have - as they should - remained friends and I think that you should give them (your mom and stepfather) the opportunity to come or not. This way if your mom and stepfather feel uncomfortable in anyway they will surely let you know of their feelings. To have been married 25 years is a joyous occasion to start with and it should be shared with all those who are close and special to you. I wish you the best of luck in this decision and hope the party is a huge success.     **CYBIL**

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An e-ER Consulation with the REAL Dr. Jekyl

Dear Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde:
I have a BIOLOGY 103 subject question. What is MHC & HLA?

J9084 - @Cyberspace - USA

Dear J9084   ~   BIOLOGY 103?!? †My A** (rhymes w/ PASS minus the 'P' ..!!) Try BIOLOGY 503 really! †Good Grief, thank goodness Dr. Jekyl is REALLY a medical doctor...!!! †Hehehe...The two abbreviations of which you speak deal with Cell Mediated - AKA, TYPE IV HYPERSENSITIVITY, under the specialty in Medicine and Cellular/Molecular Biology -- IMMUNOLOGY (Sorry, if you knew this part already I/we did NOT mean to humor you!) MHC stands for M-ajor H-istocompatibility C-omplex and HLA is the abbreviation for H-uman L-eukocyte A-ntigen. These are important mediators in the cellularly activated immune response, and/or hypersensitivity, like from a reaction to something one is allergic to, for instance. Or, another important example is the immune response - acceptation or rejection - of a foreign tissue like in that of an organ transplant. HLA typing is of major consideration in finding a compatible donor for an organ-transplant. One would like the ANTIGENS, those of the Human Leukocyte, i.e., HLA to match as closely as possible. That is why Immunologists and physicians look for a POSITIVE HLA and an MHC typing (which, as the name states, is a match-up of the MAJOR HISTOLOGIC IMMUNE complexes, which are protein in composition, and where 'histologic' is simply the scientific word for TISSUES) when matching possible donors with recipients. This is the long and short - more SHORT than long...LOL - of it! If you are so inclined to know more (i.e., opening a "Pandora's Box") check out any advanced medical or biology text on Immunology - Cell Mediated Hypersensitivity, or a Histology textbook, or drop Dr. Jekyl another line! Hope this helps you out, and...happy 'scientific' surfing.

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Questions You NEVER Thought to Answer!

...What is the LIGHTEST metal on the periodic table?
...What is the HEAVIEST gas on the table?

If you think you have the answers to these questions please send an EMAIL to our 'Idiot Savant-Postmaster' Mr. Hyde.   YOU could be the next winner of a gift certificate from BN.COM, the OFFICIAL online bookstore of the Ask Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde - Website!

CONGRATULATIONS to CTarz, of Cyberspace, USA - winner of the previous "J & H Ask..."   Who answered the following questions correctly:

#1]   What causes the wind to blow?
The SUN!   Technically, and like most weather phenomenon - wind is generated as the result of the clashing of radiant heat - or warm front with a cold front.   Without the sun to warm the earth's surface and atmosphere not only would our world be a cold and lifeless mass of ice - we also would NOT have weather and weather patterns with all of the associated meterologic events we are used to, and love so much!

#2]   Where is the windiest place on earth?
Barring abnormal severe weather events - such as tornadoes and hurricanes - The geographic location with the highest AND most frequent surface wind speeds is Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, USA.   Wind velocities on this 6,288 ft. peak have been measured consistantly at or above 200 mph, with a world record speed of 231 mph on April 12, 1934.   Wow! Talk about getting the 'wind' knocked out of yourself!

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A lighter side of genius-ness!

DISCLAIMER:   While Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde strive to avoid stereotypical assertions of character and intelligence - or the lack thereof, we could not help but publish this 'funny!' So no offense, but here goes:

A blonde got a job with the Public Works Department. She was to paint lines down the center of a rural road. The supervisor told her that she was on probation and that she must stay at or above the set average of 2 miles per day to remain employed. The blonde agreed to the conditions and started right away. The supervisor, checking up at the end of the day, found the blonde had completed 4 miles on her first day, double the average!! "Great," he told her, "I think you're really going to work out." The next day, however, he was disappointed to find that the blonde only accomplished 2 miles. The supervisor thought, "Well she's still at the average and I don't want to discourage her, so I'll just keep quiet." The third day however the blonde only did one mile and the boss thought, "I need to talk to her before this gets any worse." The boss pulled the new employee in and says, "You were doing so great. The first day you did 4 miles, the second day 2 miles, but yesterday you only did one mile. Why? Is there a problem? An injury, equipment failure? What's keeping you from meeting the 2 mile minimum?" The blonde replied, "Well, each day I keep getting farther and farther away from the bucket."  : - )

Week Ending March 04, 2000

Dear Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde:
I've got a question that has really been bugging me. I was wondering, now in Switzerland would they call Swiss Army knives just army knives?

NC -

Dear NC   ~   That is a good one! How very philosophical of you in your pondering this subject. LOL! And although the rhetoric of your question is 'silly' in nature, Dr. Jekyl and myself truly enjoy this kind of question, as it honestly DOES fit in with our motto as a "Question that you NEVER thought to QUESTION!" Swiss Army Knives are called such because they were originally designed and distributed as a handy "all in one" pocket knife system for soldiers of the Swiss Army, which in itself is sort of a joke since Switzerland is - and always has been - a NEUTRAL, sovereign nation w/o the REAL need for any Armed Forces. But because of their convenience and novel practicality, the Swiss Army Knife is known - and revered - the world over. To further the pondering of your question though, one could go one step further - as Mr. Hyde and myself have - and ask, "What do you call a Swiss Army Knife, in Switzerland AND you are actually in the army there?" Hmmmm, is the answer: KNIFE??? LOL!!! Thanks for the question!

Dear Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde:
Who invented SCUBA gear, and what in the hell does it stand for again? I used to know but I forget. Thanx for the help.

MPI - Bordentown, NJ

Dear MPI   ~   SCUBA gear or S-elf C-ontained U-nderwater B-reathing A-pparatus - was designed and developed by the late Jaques-Yves Cousteau, who was born in France on June 17, 1910. It is ironic that the gear, although developed to aid in his underwater research from a practical standpoint, actually ended up (because of the patent royalties) funding the high price tag of maintaining an ongoing marine program that continues to this day, now under the direction of his son.

The SuperKIDS IQuestion Zone....

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